TOUOILP 5D DIY Fuld 5d Diamant maleri"Stjerne hund"mønstre perle Cross Stitch Rhinestone Broderi Mosaik Hindu-gud,indretning hjem

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Tags: diamant dotz box, kova taske lærred, case-hindu gud, hindu-kvinde gud, diamand maleri complet, intimbarbering taske lærred, waiste taske lærred, indretning hinduistiske, 5d diamant maleri kinesisk pige, springvand hindu gud.


  • Mærke: Touoilp
  • Indsætte Område: Fuld
  • Fuld Diamant Broderi: Hjem indretning&væg kunst&vægdekoration
  • bor kuglepen,bor plade -, bore-mudder: Husstand Essentials/Dekoration
  • Ydre Emballage: Farvet Boks
  • Rubik ' Plads/runde Diamant: Diamant maleri produktion
  • Ramme: No
  • 5D diy diamant broderi: diamant maleri
  • Form: Single
  • Stil: Europa
  • Bruger: Malerier
  • 5d diamant maleri: Diamant maleri legetøj
  • Gratis Forsendelse, Køb Direkte Fra Fabrik: ufærdige diamant mosaik
  • Diamond-Form: Pladsen
  • Mønster Type: Dyr
  • Lærred Emballeringsmetode: Rullet Op
  • Materiale: Harpiks
  • Antal Farver: 30-45
  • fuld diamant maleri: Diamant Maleri Cross Stitch

Christ Dark26
Canvas in decent condition, but arrived with many horizontal rivers where the glue separated from the canvas and I cannot smooth them out, so I will need to slice them open and hope the drills stick. The adhesive isn’t as sticky as normal. Drills are in really small sealed “cellophane” bags, so I am glad this is only 30 x 40 cm of actual drill area. Was surprised that the design has 29 colors, so it should more colorful than I thought it would be. The symbols appear okay, as does the drill quality. Hoping this turns out okay when I complete the design.