LED-baggrundsbelysning strip for Lg drt 3.0 42 DIREKTE AGF78402101 NC420DUN-VUBP1 T420HVF07 42LB650V 42LB561U 42LB582V 42LB582B 42LB5550

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The LED Backlight Advantage High brightness up to 700 nits Long operating life, typically lasting over 100,000 hours More energy saving Wide scope of application More environmentally friendly Easy to Install

Features: 100% brand new, Not Original,Aluminum is better heat dissipation!!!Strips length are fixed, can not be cut.Size: 825mm*15mm LED Qty:8 leds (4+4) Voltage: 0-94V Light circuit: 8series 0 parallel 1 set=2pcs(1 pcs is 400mm 4LEDs+1pcs is 426mm 4LEDs) package include:4sets (8 pcs)

Tags: agf78402101, 3mm led bicolor, lc420due, 39lb5700, 42lb650v, 42lb5800, led lg strip, 42lb5700, ph sensor jord, 3.0 42.


  • 42LB6200: 42LB650V 42LF652V 42LB650V 42LB561V 42LB561V
  • Mærke: aurunw
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • 42lb5610: 42LB582V 42LB582U 42LF5500 42LB572V 42LB5800
  • 42LB551V: 42LB552V 42LB5610 42LB561V 42LB563V 42LY310C
  • Model-Nummer: 42lb580t 42LB550A 42LF580V 42LB561U 42LB5610 42LF564V
  • 42LB585V: 42LB5500 42LB628V 42LB550V 42LB5800 42LB5500

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