Bil 14", 15",16" ,17" tommer billede, Logo PVC, PU Reservehjul Dæk Hjul Ventilen Dækker For Biler Tilbehør

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14" 15" 16" 17" Inch PVC Leather Universal Spare Tire Cover For Suzuki Isuzu Mitsubishi Honda Toyota Kia Hyundai Nissan Peugeot Please leave me messages if you have any questions.Size: 14 Inch (23"-26") Fit these tire modles: 155/80R14 255/50R15 205/70R15 165/80R13 145/80R16 205/75R14 165/80R14 155/80R14 205/75R15 175/80R13 165/80R13 215/65R16 185/80R13 175/80R13 225/55R17 190/65R15 185/70R14 235/60R16 195/70R13 185/80R13 255/60R15 205/55R15 190/65R15 215/70R15 205/60R15 205/55R16 255/60R14 215/50R15 205/75R14 215/70R15 215/60R14 205/75R15 205/65R16 245/50R15 185/75R14 255/50R16 185/75R14 185/75R15 195/75R15 205/60R14 195/75R14 And so on Size: 15 Inch (27"-29") Fit these tire modles: 205/70R16 215/75R16 215/70R16 225/70R16 215/75R14 225/75R16 215/70R15 225/75R15 235/70R15 245/70R15 235/75R15 225/75R15 255/70R15 225/65R17 And so on Size: 16 Inch (30"-31") Fit these tire modles: 235/70R17 225/75R16 235/75R16 225/75R16 255/70R16 255/75R15 245/75R15 245/70R16 265/70R15 265/70R16 265/75R15 215/85R16 215/85R16 245/75R16 165/75R15 235/80R16 255/75R16 265/70R16 And so on Size: 17 Inch (32"-33") Fit these tire modles: 275/70R17 275/65R18 265/75R16 265/70R18 255/75R17 255/70R18 245/70R18 235/85R16 285/75R16 265/75R18 285/75R16 And so on How to know whether this tire cover fits yours?For example, your tire is written with P215/70R15, A=215, B=70, C=15. Your tire diameter =A*B/500+C*2.54 =215*70/500+15*2.54 =68.2cm 13 Inch fit: diameter 56-60cm 14 Inch fit: diameter 61-69cm 15 Inch fit: diameter 70-74cm 16 Inch fit: diameter 75-80cm 17 Inch fit: diameter 81-84cm So you can choose Size S/14 inch one.

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  • Model-Nummer: 14-17 Tommer
  • Materiale: PVC

Long delivery, not the picture that was in the order, the cover is all in cracks (((
The goods came in not good condition a lot of scuffs I think so because of poor quality material and not proper packing
Картинка пришла другая, но тоже норм. Дошло махом до двери доставил курьер. Качество отличное!